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Brainwave Entrainment

What is brainwave entrainment? Your brain generates various brain waves, ranging from Epsilon (below 1 hz) to Gamma (up to 60 hz). When we are reading or otherwise involved in our regular waking hours, your dominant brain wave is generally either high Alpha (11 - 12 hz) or Beta (13 - 15 hz).

Scientists have discovered that your dominant brain wave can be altered using audio tones. What does this mean? Well, different dominant brain waves are associated with different activities and states of mind.

For example, 13.14 hz is a brain wave frequency that has been shown to create an alert, focused state. It also can be useful in treating headaches (my wife can attest to that first hand). 8.4 hz is associated with deep relaxation, lowering anxiety, and even reducing the need for anesthetics (good to use at the dentist's office!). Other frequencies are associated with HGH release, enhancing mental imagery, various levels of sleep, and so-on.

If for some reason you have a deficit of good, healthy sleep, it could be due to brain waves which are in short supply. Theta waves (4 - 8 hz) are the beginning of sleep, while Delta (0.5 - 4 hz) are deep sleep. During a healthy sleep cycle, you cycle between Theta and Delta, with the Theta cycles increasing in length as the time goes on. This is where REM takes place, which is the most frequent time during which you are dreaming.

 Researches have found that changing your brain frequencies using audio entrainment can recreate the associated mental activities, feelings, and so forth.

In addition to this, if used properly, brainwave entrainment programs can be used to train your mind to retain consciousness during deeper mental states, which can result in many good things such as various health benefits, improved memory skills, and enhanced mental imagery.

Our brainwave entrainment program uses cutting-edge technology combined with guidance based upon a Biblical perspective to ensure your training takes you in a good direction.

 We use both Binaural and Monaural tones in our programs. Monaural is used for everything above 5 hz, and Binaural is used for the lower frequencies. Binaural is used for all the audio in our meditation program. While Monaural does not require headphones, Binaural does, and we highly recommend stereo headphones for ALL our entrainment programs to enhance the effect of being immersed in the audio environment.

Binaural vs. Monaural

Most of the popular (and very expensive) brainwave entrainment programs available today use old technology, namely binaural tones. These do work; however, they work only for a period of time. Over time, your brain will start handling the tones differently, and will stop creating the "phantom" rhythmn which is what causes the entrainment; instead, it will simply process each sound independently. This is why some of the popular programs offer multiple "levels," touting that each level uses a lower, "more potent" tone. The truth is, the tones must change or their audio programs will stop working for you.

To continue their programs, you will shell out thousands of dollars. Since our meditation program is priced extremely low, this will not be an issue. And our stand-alone brain wave entrainment programs use Monaural, and have an endless "shelf life."

Both monaural and isochronic tones become more effective over time. Your brain does not stop hearing the rhythms because they are clearly audible. The human brain is wired to respond to audible rhythm, and responds very quickly to rhythms with which it is familiar. Thus, as time goes on, your brain will more easily become entrained to the desired frequency without spending more and more money.

Our "levels" refer to brainwave frequencies, not different tones. We use primarily monaural rhythms, which are similar in effect to isochronic. You will hear the rhythm. If you focus on the rhythmic tone, that will increase its effectiveness even more.

Our meditation program is very pleasant to listen to, as the binaural rhythms do not have to be as loud as monaurals.


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You probably won't find these warnings on any ofher site offering brainwave entrainment programs. But we're different here. We're more concerned with your spiritual safety and your eternal soul than in selling you something. So if these warnings scare you away, that's perfectly fine with me, so long as you move in the direction of studying the Bible more and spending more time seeking after God.

 1. Driving or Operating Machinery

This is a warning you WILL see on most reputable brainwave entrainment websites. Do not listen to any of our brainwave entrainment programs while driving or operating any type of machinery!

2. Spiritual Influences

Many people will tell you that you can gain great wisdom and insight from consciously venturing into lower brainwave frequencies. Some people use such states of mind to explore what they believe is the "after life", or to speak with those who have died, or to speak with "spirit guides."

First of all, the Bible forbids communicating with the dead, peering into the future, and controlling the mind and will of others. These are considered forms of the occult, and have no place in your life.

Also, it is very important for you to realize that what you see in the realm of the mind is not necessarily real; and the things that are real may appear very different to you than their actual state. Take spirit guides for example. You might see someone you are convinced is Jesus. However, if you saw them as they really are, you might be looking at a hideous demon instead of a glorified savior. Just experience the encounter, and after coming back to being fully awake and alert, compare anything they tell you to the Scriptures. If they're in line and they're glorifying God and bringing you closer to Him, then you might indeed have encountered a good angel or even Jesus Himself.

People often mentally travel to different places in space and time, and they are so often badly deceived when they view "first hand" things which would seem to prove that we evolved from monkeys, or that we reincarnate, or that Jesus is really the same person or deity as Buddha or any other god.

The Bible warns us that if anyone, even an angel, comes to us preaching something that is out of line with the Holy Scriptures, we should consider that source cursed. Satan appears as an angel of light, and if you are not firmly rooted and grounded in the Word of God as found in the Holy Bible, I'd recommend you commit yourself to making the pursuit of God's Word your way of life, and come back here some time in the future.

Note that people who never meditate encounter the same spiritual forces and can and are deceived equally. The reason I mention this issue here is because many people who encounter an imposter while in a meditative state tend to believe the form they see and the words or impressions they receive, without question. This is an encouragement to be discerning, but not to be any more fearful of the experience than you would be of having a dream while you sleep at night.

3. Perception versus Truth

If you think you see an angel who wants to be your buddy, or if you think you see your loved one who died last year, don't automatically believe what you see. You are most likely seeing either the creations of your own mind or a being, and that being may or may not be who or what it appears to be. Both the creations of your mind and the appearance of other beings can be very convincing, even telling you things you couldn't have possibly otherwise known.

Both saved and lost can and do experience these realms, whether during meditation, dreams, or out-of-body experiences. They often draw their convictions and beliefs from it without question. Many dangerous New Age beliefs come from this blind acceptance.

So always remember that, while some things may seem even more real than the physical world, what you are experiencing is highly subjective; so don't accept anything you see as proof that it is, or that it is as you see it.

Regardless of what you do with this information, make sure that, every day, you pray and read the Bible. You'll gain truth, life, and will grow spiritually. You can't grow spiritually using only meditation or brainwave entrainment. The Word of God tells us how to grow spiritually, and that is to deny ourselves daily, and to forsake our own will and desires for God's.

And when you pray, it is not a mental ascent, but a real dialog with God. Going into a trance is not a path, in itself, to connecting with God. Jesus is the only way to the Father, as he plainly said. Whatever the unsaved person can do without Jesus is not the same as what the Bible says we can do only with and through Him.

That being said, silencing your chatty mind, becoming inwardly silent and still, is an excellent way to get out of the way so you can experience life, and God, directly. The human mind tends to make our experiences "flat." When you rise above the mind and just observe without labeling or judging, a vast depth opens up, and everything becomes beautiful; for wherever you look, there you see God.

We will be delving deeper into this topic very soon. If you are already registered here, we'll send you an email when more programs become available. If not, take a moment to register (click here).