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The brainwaves for mood really help me when I am getting stressed or frustrated. After a while I feel calm and am able to be 'normal' lol, especially with more difficult situations :) Thanks! love the brain waves!
-Jen M.

Subliminal Program Scripts

Click a title to see the affirmations in that program.

NOTE: Before reading the scripts, please consider that studies have shown that when you know what the subliminal affirmations are before listening to the program, the program is less effective. They will still work, and will still be powerful, but may be slightly less effective. So read the scripts only if you must.

Biblical Self Esteem

Freedom From Shame

Health And Healing


Lucid Dreams

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Fear


Relationships - Married Couples


Silent Mind

The Commandments - 1. Love

Weight Loss