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Christian Subliminals is an outreach of Living Sounds. Our purpose is to help the Body of Christ transform their lives by renewing their minds. This is done by offering solid Biblical teachings via the online church, and by producing various programming utilizing cutting-edge technology, including subliminal audio and brainwave entrainment programs.

Our Programs

Our programs use both Subliminal Audio (Phase 1) and Spoken Affirmations (Phase 2). First, the subliminals are listened to softly in the background every day for as long as possible (you'll probably forget they're even playing). This prepares the subconscious mind for Phase 2, which reinforces Phase 1.

In Phase 2, you choose some of the suggested affirmations and speak them aloud every day. This helps to bring the new mental programming of Phase 1 to the surface, and continues to renew your mind by approaching it from both sides -- conscious and subconscious.

Following are descriptions of some of the technologies we use.

Subliminal Audio

This is a sometimes controversial technology, and yet it has been proven to be safe and effective if done right. The danger with subliminal programs is that they are often produced by those who have belief systems which are in opposition to the Word of God. Usually the self is looked to of as the source of all good things, and we know this simply is not true. We should be learning to trust God more, not less.

Knowing this, we produce God-centered subliminal programs which recognize God as the source of all good blessings, and which stay true to the Holy Scriptures and its guidelines for Godly living.

We also use professional subliminal technology. Most subliminals programs out there today simply turn the volume of the affirmations below the conscious threshold. This method tends to mask the affirmations until the volume of the audible sound decreases, at which time the affirmations can sometimes be heard and even understood. This negates the usefullness of making the affirmations subliminal, and decreases the effectiveness of the program. We use the same masking technique as the professional producers of subliminal audio, by decreasing the subliminals' volume as the volume of the audible sounds decreases, and increasing the volume as the audible volume increases. This keeps the affirmations as loud at all times as possible without taking them out of the subliminal range, resulting in masked subliminal programs which are powerful agents of positive change.

Click here to see the technologies we use to produce our powerful subliminal programs.

Why subliminal? When we hear positive statements with our conscious mind, the statements are all evaluated as true or false based upon our thought life up to that point. If we say, "I am relaxed and free from tension," our mind may very well reject that statement as false.

Subliminal programs bypass this inner critic and allow us to make changes from the inside out. Once your subconscious mind starts thinking you are relaxed and free from tension, you will be.

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment refers to the process of changing the predominate frequency of brainwaves to effect a desired outcome. (Click here to read more...)

You may have heard of "binaural rhythms," which is the method most often used in publicly-available entrainment programs. A binaural rhythm is composed of two sine tones, one in each ear. These tones are only slightly different. The effect is a rhythm that is created by the brain. Within five to ten minutes of relaxed listening with stereo headphones, the brain is "entrained" to that rhythm. This can be used to relieve stress, lessen or eliminate headaches, help those suffering from insomnia, and promote whole-brain, organized thought processing.

One problem with binaural rhythms is that the brain eventually becomes accustomed to the two tones and can even eventually stop creating the rhythm. So the program stops working, or at least descreses its effectiveness. The popular (and expensive) programs address this by offering multiple levels using different tones, so as your brain gets used to one and stops being affected by it, you simply purchase another. This is very expensive (can run into thousands of dollars).

The answer to this problem is found in both monaural and isochronic tones. They both consist of an audible rhythm. Not only does the brain continue to respond to them even over time, but it actually responds more easily as time goes by. Read more about brainwave entrainment and our approach by clicking here.

That being said, binaural rhythms are very easy and pleasant to listen to, and if the price is not prohibitive for new "carrier tones" when the existing ones start to lose their effect, then they are a great choice for applications such as learning how to meditate.

We do use binaural rhythms for our meditation program. Each part of the program is priced very low, and each one can keep its effects for many months.

Tests have shown that people who frequently use quality brainwave entrainment programs have greater concentration, less stress, greater creativity, and display many other positive results.

Read more about brainwave entrainment and our approach by clicking here.