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Affiliate Program

Refer people to this site, and when they buy something, you could earn a bonus! All you need is a PayPal account to receive payments. We will contact you for your payment details when you have enough commissions to receive a payment.

Our affiliate program is five-tiered. For your direct referrals, you earn 15%. For their referrals, you earn 10%. Here are the payouts for all levels. The numbers shown are for example purposes only, and are not meant to suggest or guarantee any income.

Level Percent Customers ordering $20 Commissions
Level 1  15% 10 $30.00
Level 2  10% 50 $100.00
Level 3  2% 250 $100.00
Level 4  2% 1,250 $500.00
Level 5  5% 6,250 $6,250.00

You retain your referrals for life, meaning that once someone registers on our site after visiting using your affiliate link, you will receive a commission every time they purchase something using their account forever. That means that as we release more programs and they come back to purchase more, even years later, you will get paid.

And if they login using that account on our sister site,, you'll get a commission for anything they purchase there, too.

We pay commissions when your payable commissions total $50, or upon your request, payable after 15 days of the purchase.

Anyone found using illegal or unethical advertising methods (such as SPAM) will have their accounts cancelled and will lose any unpaid commissions.

Getting Started

To apply, simply click here to register, then click Referrals for your referral (affiliate) link.

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Affiliate Directories

We would like to thank the following affiliate directories for listing us and helping to spread the word.