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Subliminal music actually works. I did not start out a believer. Thank you 'Christian subliminal'

Subliminal Technology

Recently, "silent subliminals" has become something of a buzz word, and sites which offer silent subliminal programs boast that they are not using "obsolete" masked subliminals, and their "cutting edge" technology is far more effective. Not too long ago, all of our subliminal programs used the silent subliminal technique. Let's quickly review why we no longer use this technology, explore the various tests that have been performed, determine whether the claims of superiority are valid, and then take a look at the subliminal techniques we incorporate into all of our subliminal programs.

In an audio-related forum thread, some of the potential dangers of improperly-used silent subliminal recordings are discussed. The discussion was not anti-silent subliminal, and yet it was mentioned more than once that if played too loudly, silent subliminal audio can burn out your speakers and can even damage your inner ear. Of course we provided instructions and warnings with our silent subliminals not accompanied by nature sounds, but my own experience suggested this might not be enough.

I had been testing our subliminal programs on myself, and had seen some results (for only one of the programs, and these results may or may not have been the results of the audio). After a month or two of listening to the silent subliminals, I developed tinnitus (ringing in the ears). After about a week of this, I decided to stop listening to the subliminals and see if that had been the problem. It took a couple more weeks for the ringing to stop, but thankfully it did. At a later date, I started listening again to see if perhaps it was a coincidence, but within two days, the ringing started again.

If I cannot use a product myself without serious negative side effects, I cannot in good conscience continue to sell it to others. So I started researching, studying, and testing, to find other good techniques which I could combine and offer to you.

MindWorks Recording Studios conducted a test in which subjects listened to silent subliminals 24 hours per day for 30 straight days. None of the test subjects experienced any change whatsoever. While we have received a number of positive reports concerning the effectiveness of the programs, the tests performed by MW and by other researchers have not concluded that silent subliminals are any more effective than well-done masked subliminals, and some studies suggest they may be less effective.

After a great deal of research and comparative study, I remixed all of our subliminal programs using the following proven masked subliminal methods.

1. Regular

This is the method used by most producers of subliminal programs today, simply because it is the most simple -- it is straight-forward spoken affirmations turned to just below the level of conscious hearing. All of our programs incorporate regular, plain-spoken affirmations.

2. Stereo

A technique referred to as "Stereo Confusion" uses different affirmations spoken into each ear (each stereo channel). This method has been proven to increase effectiveness. We use stereo confusion in all our subliminal programs.

3. Reversed

You're probably familiar with "back masking," which is a spoken message played backwards. Studies have shown that the subconscious mind can understand messages played backwards. We add reversed affirmations throughout all of our programs, because the more methods we use to present positive affirmations to your subconscious mind, the more powerful the effect will be.

4. Compressed

Your subconscious mind can absorb input much more quickly than you can consciously understand. We add compressed affirmations (spoken affirmations played at a high speed) sprinkled throughout all of our subliminal programs. This method has been proven to multiply the effectiveness of the subliminal affirmations.

5. Loss-Free Audio Format

To date, I have not run across any websites, Christian or secular, that offer subliminal programs for instant download which do not compress them into MP3 format. And yet, in my research, I discovered some studies which suggest that converting masked subliminal audio to MP3 format may very well remove most of the subliminal content. Since the theory is sound and the risk for degradation very real, I decided we would no longer offer subliminal MP3s (except by request only for those with devices with small storage space, and then we increase the volume so the messages are barely audible). Even though the sever storage requirements and download bandwidth are significantly higher for us, all of our subliminal programs now come in WAV format in CD quality, so you can be sure that all the subliminal messages are still there.

6. Amplitude Following

In every single subliminal program I've tested in the last few years, I can hear that someone is speaking in the background. Studies have proven that this decreases the effectiveness of the program. Since some nature sounds have relatively quiet spaces in them (such as the calm between ocean waves crashing on the shore), there would be spaces in which the speaking could be heard. So we run all of our programs through an EQ process which decreases the subliminal track's volume as the nature sound track's volume decreases. In addition to this, we carefully listen to every program in its entirety before mixing, and manually decrease the subliminal track volume whenever we can hear that someone is talking. This increases the effectiveness of our programs.

7. Proper Script Writing

This isn't a technology, but it is very important. In tests performed in the early 70s, subliminal messages were played under the music in a large department store. The messages were written in the negative, such as, "do not shoplift, do not steal, shoplifters will be prosecuted." The result was that shoplifting actually increased! Next, the messages were changed to positives, such as, "I am honest, I pay for everything I take with me." The result was that shoplifting decreased to less than it had been when the study first started.

We have always written and will continue to write all of our subliminal affirmations in the first-person positive. They are short and simple. And, using a careful combination of all the techniques described above, they are repeated hundreds of times during each 30-minute audio (and repetition is very important!).

Combine all this with high-quality nature sounds licensed for commercial use from, and you have top-of-the-line, highly-effective subliminal programs from a source you can trust.

Click here to view our subliminal programs, or here to listen to free samples. Thanks for stopping by, and here's wishing you Godspeed and great success in all you do!